About Reed™

About Reed Sportswear Manufacturing Company

“One of the oldest companies continuously operating in Detroit today”

Reed Sportswear proudly presents our latest collection of fine leather garments.
Our trend setting styles encompass contemporary sportswear, rugged outerwear, motorcycle wear and American classics.

Reed offers high quality product standards, prompt delivery, large in-stock programs as well as competitive pricing and a helpful sales team to serve over 3500 customers around the world.

Founded in 1950, Reed represents a tradition of excellence in design and
manufacturing. The company’s constant devotion to new product development, through
leather innovations, design trends and new color combinations, keeps Reed Leather at
the forefront of the industry. Leather Industries of America has recognized Reed
with the coveted American Designer Award.

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Detroit, MI, USA (14th September, 2014) – Reed Leather Is Excited To Announce The Launch Of Its New Website, With Easy Navigation Features.



15 thoughts on “About Reed™

  1. Hi, a quick google search led me to you and I had to write. I sew and repurpose clothing in my spare time and at the moment i am working on a burgundy leather jacket that I bought from a vintage market around 10 years ago. It carries the Reed label and has worn well but unfortunately it is not really wearable as a jacket any more. The uncanny thing is that I live just outside Birmingham in the UK so it is a relatively well travelled jacket. I wish it could tell me it’s story and how it came across the big pond!! It has to be at least 30, possibly 40 years old and will soon be a leather bag, it will live on. Now that’s quality!!! Best wishes from England x

  2. I have an older Reed leather jacket RN 21528 that is made in China. Is it a genuine Reed jacket? Also, the pocket liners are full of holes now and need repair. Who would best accomplish that?

  3. I recently got a leather jacket with the reed logo on it, but on the left side of the chest it says king aire. Is this an actual reed product?

  4. If my jacket is a reed product how much is it worth? Also is it waterproof/ water resistant?

  5. I have a reed jacket Rn no.21528 it says made in china is it a real reed sportswear jacket or is it a knockoff id really like to know its driving me nuts thankyouand ihope to hear back soon


  6. I just picked up a beautiful vintage jacket that has the Reed label top dead-center inside and the only other label is a tiny tag inside the left pocket that reads: A 2067, 317 613, 10 42. It is a men’s jacket with a notched lapel, removable half-belt that attaches near the kidneys with leather buttons, and the belt loops are leather straps that go straight down over the entrance to the hand warmer pockets, which are the only pockets on the jacket. Is this enough information to identify something of when it was made or any other history about it?

    Thanks for any help.

  7. I want to order the leather car coat and was looking for size advice. My suit jackets are pretty much off the rack 46″. should i go 46 or 48 for the coat?

    1. Depends on the style, our jackets are true to size, but if you need some room you can go with the 48.

  8. Hello, I love my Reed jacket. Bought it several years ago. I have a size 46 and have worn out the lining and the zipper probable needs replacing.

    Okoboji Iowa and its 25 below this AM

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