Detroit Home Office
Contact: Rasko
In-House Sales: (313) 963-7980
1601 West Lafayette Detroit MI, 48216 USA
Call our toll-free number 1-800-521-0713, or fax your order (24 hours a day) to 1-313-963-3024 Or, you can contact your salesman:


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Detroit Home Office
Contact: Rasko M.
In-House USA Sales: (313) 963-7980
Contact Information
To Order, call (800 ) 521 -0713
or fax (313) 963-3024

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  1. I want to buy two jacketsCalled REED baseball suede leather jacket in tan color. Please reply

  2. Attn Sales,

    Warm Greetings from El Salvador, am writing in respect of our interests in purchasing some products from your company. Before we proceed further i would like to know if your products are authorized to be shipped out of your country to Belize, Central America.

    If its okay for your products to be shipped to this location then i will be pleased if you can get back to me with the following information so that i can proceed with the ordering. A catalog of the items you have available A website to view your products A price list if possible.

    Please also be advised that our preferable means of payment for this ordering has to be via credit cards, so i need to know the kinds of credit cards you accept for the payments. I await the requested information so I can proceed with the ordering.

    David Moore
    Kamoh AJ STORE
    43a Calle Pte 14,
    San Salvador, SS, El Salvador

  3. I’m looking at the leather men’s bomber jacket and I was wondering if the back has a seam up the middle or not. I am looking for a bomber style jacket that can be embroidered on the back.

  4. Question about 34″ Raglan leather coat. I am 5’8″ with 48″ chest and 44″ waist. Should I order XL or XXl?
    Thanks for your reply.

  5. I have a 4 year old jacket and the zipper is failing on it. Love the jacket. Do you have repair services?

  6. I have a Reed short leather jacket and the zipper tab broke off. Where could I find a replacement tab? It’s about 3/4″ long,bronze color and is shaped like a pear.
    Thank you

  7. i have a suede baseball now has what seems to be an oil stain on the shoulder.what is the proper way to remove the stain. how do i find the proper leather cleaning service? i live in madison wi. i LOVE the jacket. no,i mean i love it!

  8. My chest is 49″, my arms35″, my waist 40″,shoulders,from shoulder to below belt line 29-30″. I want to order a biker jacket(barracuda style), should get 2xlt or the 3xlt. I used to own both a Brooks and Reed, after all east side Detroit rules! Thanks

  9. I am looking for a decorative zipper pull for my Reed A-2 leather jacket. My arthritic fingers need a little help.

  10. A long time ago (1992) I bought A LEATHER DUSTER….The jacket is old and beat up (like me) and has done several tours of duty in Afghanistan……I was wondering if you still made the leather duster and if so where can I look at it on your web site?

  11. I grew up on W. Lafayette in Detroit and remember my dad had a Reed bomber jacket which is long gone. I recently came by a Reed Sportswear bomber jacket in excellent but worn condition . I’m hoping you may be able to tell me of its story. It is union made in Detroit, tan cowhide similar to the pictured one on your website. It has two snap patch pockets with discrete slash pockets behind them. The zipper, cuffs and waist are all in remarkable condition. An interior tag has the markings “R NO 21528 and the lining is 100% nylon depicting a map of “Unoccupied France” during WWII. It does not have an interior lining zipper. Any idea of its value? beyond the obvious of a top quality jacket …historical interest, etc. So pleased to see you are still located and manufacturing in my old home town. Thanks for this favor.

  12. I am interested in purchasing 2 of the varsity leather jackets in big and tall sizes. I am located in Flint, MI. Do you have a showroom in Detroit where coats can be tried on for size, and possibly purchase on site?

  13. I am about to purchase a suede baseball jacket. I am 6’2””, 195#. I normally wear an XLT shirt with 35” to 36” sleeve. Would you please recommend a size and if available send me a men’s size chart. Thanks.

  14. my dad passed 11 years ago, we found his reed brand leather jacket. it is still baby ass soft. its black, has some scuffs marks and some whitish faded spots.
    do yall recondition. do your jackets nee reconditioning? thank you for your help.

    1. You have 30 days to return or exchange the jacket, Item must be with original packing and tags to receive full refund.
      The REED Team

    1. Our Made in USA Style 508z is made out of Naked cow leather that is Made in a USA tannery. The naked cow leather doesn’t’ mean it wasn’t tanned, it just means it is a more of a natural touch tanning which is a more expensive process to make leather. On cheaper leather they put a lot of paint to cover the problems with the skins, this skin is a very light tanning that gives a nice color and the natural look of the skin.
      This leather actually cost a lot per square footage and it is top of the line and the coat can easily sell for $1000 in a retail store. You are buying factory direct and you are getting a direct price as we manufacture and sell the goods.
      Other very expensive designer brands use this leather and those items sell for thousands of dollars.
      We are offering these jackets for a great price to customers who appreciate quality Made in USA products. We are in a bigger mission which is to save our manufacturing by offering quality products directly online.

  15. Good Morning

    My name is Mr Carlos Munoz with the HW Inc

    and i am sending you this email in regards to the

    order for some leather and so can you send me

    an email back and let me know if you carry so i

    can send over the size and type i need for pricing

    so we can proceed and so waiting to hear from

    you by email

    Thank You

  16. I purchased a bomber jacket about a month ago. I am very happy with the jacket but the hem on the liner is coming off. The stitching is completely unravelling. Is this something you will fix or replace?

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