US Manufacturing Is On The Rise Amid Global Supply Chain Backlogs

Dec 09, 2021 (AB Digital via COMTEX) -- Detroit, Michigan - Reed Leather, one of the older leather manufacturers based in Detroit, Michigan, is witnessing a historic increase in the demand for its products. Known for producing the highest quality goods, Reed’s wide range of sportswear, rugged outerwear, motorcycle wear, and American classics has always been popular among Americans.

“Covid-19 has completely disrupted the established supply chains in the world, which led to an exponential increase in demand for Made-in-USA products. Not just at our retail stores, we are seeing a significant increase in online shopping as well for our products.” Said Nati Mazor, COO of Reed Leather. “We serve the entire USA through our manufacturing unit in Detroit, and in the past year, we have noticed a considerable increase in demand through online sales channels such as Amazon.”

Covid-19 has also created a significant backlog for many manufacturers’ raw materials, thus creating a highly uncertain economic environment and preventing local manufacturers from increasing capacity. “Manufacturing has been a pillar of economic strength for the USA, and we are incredibly proud to be a part of the industry for over seven decades. We want to further invest in our manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand; however, given the current situation of Covid-19 and uncertainties related to that, it is a tough decision to make right now.” Mazor added.

Reeds Leather was founded in 1950 with the objective of manufacturing premium quality leather products. Through continual investment in the research and development of new products, Reed is at the forefront of innovation and setting a new benchmark in the industry with every product launch.

“We, at Reed, represent a tradition of excellence in design and manufacturing. Our customer-centric approach is what defines us, and we always aim to keep our offerings aligned with customer needs,” said Nati Mazor. “Reed’s order books are full until March 2022 thus, giving us an idea of the substantial uptick in demand for locally manufactured products.” he further added.

About Reeds Leather

Reeds Leather, founded in 1950, is one of the oldest leather manufacturing in the USA, operating from Detroit, Michigan. The company has been awarded American Designer Award for its fine selection of products ranging from innovative contemporary sportswear to rugged outerwear, motorcycle wear, and American classics.


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